Holden Captiva Nudge Bar 2006 – 2010

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599



  • Fits Captiva 2006 – 2010 Models
  • 2″ Stainless Steel Material
  • Polished Finish
  • Easy DIY Fitting
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit
  • Option For Spotlight Mounting

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




Nudge bars are ancillary objects that can serve the dual purpose of giving protection to the car’s front bumper as well as serves the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the car manifolds. For a strong and robust sports utility vehicle like the Holden Captiva, the nudge bar can add that extra bit of manliness to the overall looks and external appearance to the vehicle that is sure to add some additional zeal to the car.

The Holden Captiva nudge bars are usually built according to specific standardizations and bear quite a few salient features that are well worth mentioning. They usually made of alloy or stainless steel, ensuring a long drawn lifespan and greater durability. Often, both the high as well as the low looped type of nudge bars use a 3 millimeter thickness and 76 millimeter long rubber tube around them for greater cushioning. There is also a coat of water resistant paint applied to the alloy bar to improve the overall durability and resistance to water exposure. The nudge bar carries with it a polished mirror image and much of a low profile appearance in its design aspects which carry their own advantages within themselves.

A low profile involved in the design considerations usually aids in proving a greater amount of airbag compatibility. This feature is of immense importance as far as the safety of the passengers as well as the chassis of the car is concerned. It also provides an additional sense of safety to the front bumper in the event of an accident or front crash.

Another important fact worth noting is that, the standard equipment come with factory fittings to allow for installation of the nudge bars with ease and without any major hitches in the process. This also aids in reducing any errors that might creep in while performing the process of installation. An instruction manual supplied with the equipment ensures that even the most unskilled of people can carry out installation by themselves.

The only disadvantage that might cause a little inconvenience is the fact that, most of the nudge bars are not compatible with the parking sensors at the front and hence, can cause some minor problems while carrying out parking operations.

What’s more attractive is that, these nudge bars are easily available in the market and can be ordered anytime either through the company outlets or over the internet.

The pricing is also quite competitive and is well within the range of a few hundred dollars, a reason enough to put a smile on even the most economical of customers.

All the nudge bars are tested for meeting the overall safety requirements and are hence absolutely safe to use. Hence it is always advisable to shell out that extra bit of money in purchasing a nudge bar for your Holden Captiva, as it can aptly enhance the looks as well as the safety standards of the car to a great extent.