Great Wall X240 Nudge Bar 2009 – 2010

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599





  • Fits X240 2005 – 2009 Models
  • 3″ Stainless Steel Material
  • Polished Finish
  • Easy DIY Fitting
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit
  • Style and Protection

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




One of the most essential accessories to invest in, in order to ramp up the looks and safety features of the versatile Great Wall X240 is of course the genuine Great Wall X240 nudge bar. Being a favored on, as well as an off-roader owing to the provision of a four wheel drive, one can venture on this vehicle to the most harshest of weather as well as terrain conditions. This is where; the utility of the nudge bar comes into the fray, as it can prevent the onset of any minor scratches onto the front portion of the car, as well as enhance it rugged and all terrain look.

The Great Wall X240 nudge bars are manufactured from alloys having high tensile strengths and in addition are of structural grades. This provides them with distinct advantages over ordinary stainless steel nudge bars in areas of strength, lifespan as well as overall durability, while keeping the weight much lower in comparison to the stainless steel counterparts, helping to improve the car’s mileage considerably. Alloy steel, the major material used for production, ensures that the nudge bars can efficiently withstand the wrath of weather as well as the harshest of surrounding conditions.

The nudge bars are usually manufactured keeping in mind certain standardizations and usually bear a dimension of 76 mm. Moreover, each piece undergoes arduous testing procedures so the safety considerations are not compromised upon at any cost and the finished products are absolutely flawless. Standardizations followed during the manufacturing process ensures that installation procedure of the nudge bars is absolutely smooth and without even the slightest of glitches.

Moreover, the Great Wall X240 nudge bars have the provision of additional mountings to accommodate driving lights on it, for the betterment of the vision at night or under dusty and foggy driving conditions. This can of course prove to be a great boon under conditions when driving is not particularly a very pleasant experience to indulge in.

The fact that Great Wall X240 nudge bars are widely available makes it even easier to get hold of one either through any one of the outlets selling the product or through the internet over which the product can easily be ordered sitting at ones home at the click of a mouse.

The economical pricing ensures that a person need not invest a fortune for ensuring the safety of the car as well as its occupants. Moreover, the Great Wall X240 nudge bars come with a lifetime warranty. This ensures that a person can afford to forget it once he fits it onto his car. The extra lightweight nature of the bar, owing to the use of aluminum ensures that it does not get deformed easily and can absorb considerable amount of forces at the same time. It can thus be concluded, that, it is quite practical to spend those few extra dollars on the purchase of an efficient nudge bar as, it can increase the safety as well as the elegance of the car manifolds.