Kia Sorento Nudge Bar 2009 – 2011

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




  • Fits Sorento 2009 – 2011 Models
  • 3″ Stainless Steel Tube
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • Easy Fitting Yourself
  • Includes Instructions and Mounting Kit

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




Kia Sorento Nudge Bar, specially designed for the Kia Sorento offers an excellent combination of anti-shock protection and a stylish design. To protect against shock and elbows on the city, look no further. Made from high strength alloys, this alloy offers superior class guards superior strength at a much lower weight than steel nudge bars. Developed in Australia for our harsh conditions of Australia, will never rust or corrode. Standard features of the guard of 76 mm driving light mounting points are the ECB and a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
Kia Sorento Nudge Bar in a class with approval – absolutely strong – The first class front bar for an impressive performance gives the vehicle an even great front appearance and perfectly improves the character of your vehicle.

The KIA Sorento Nudge Bar is supplied with an EC type approval, Nudge Bar, which has an EC-type approval according to the EU directive.

Install front bracket assembly according to instructions – - Unpacking keep the EC type-approval together with the vehicle registration – done and go.
These are the characteristics of ideal Nudge Bar

Distinctive and effective protection of the vehicle front
Material Stainless steel and perfectly no rust
Hand polished to a mirror finish surface remains shiny
Extremely stable, resistant to damage
Quick, easy perfect installation
EC approval
Top quality car accessories and tuning

If you are looking for the ultimate safety for your vehicle, you can click on the land without compromising the reliability of the ECB Big Tube Bar recent Kia Sorento. This guard bar replacing the large tube is made of high strength and structural properties of alloys full tubes of 63 mm bellows shoulders. The strong one-piece has a well stocked bar of 6mm thick center of the channel has a total width of the lower protection skirt prepared (6mm thick center with bellows) and a specially designed steel-assembly ensure a clean and flexible storage. Indicator / Park Light Combinations, air intakes for the support, mounting provisions projector fog lamps and air ECB include all standard equipment. Disable recognition of the true 4WD capabilities of this vehicle, designed by the ECB this bar large pipe to a larger angle of rest, while at the same time offers not one but three sheets x 3 mm thick bash rock bottom under the protection and Off-Road protection. To complete a great product aims to improve the response of the line of the ECB of top-ranking, low maintenance powder. Bugs wash straight away!

The Kia Sorento is a great family-oriented 4WD, large and spacious enough for the whole family wear in the Outback Adventures. If you and your vehicle to ensure passengers are protected in any environment or situation, read the best protection, the ECB Big Tube Bar designed for the Kia Sorento. Made from high strength alloys and headlights fully equipped quality bellows 63 mm and a tapered one piece bumper with a wide, reinforced rock under the protection, large tube-bar maximum protection of the vehicle. Indicator / Park Light Combinations, air intakes, leadership qualities headlight assembly ECB and the air to support all the standard features of the Kia Sorento are Big Tube Bar. All ECB products are compatible with ADR and the air and are attacked by a lifetime warranty, the ECB, the peace of mind.