Mercedes Benz ML Nudge Bar W163 1998 – 2004

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




  • Fits ML 1998 – 2004 W163 Models
  • 3″ Stainless Steel Material
  • High Polished Finish
  • Easy Fitting Yourself
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit
  • Includes FogLight Mounting Kit

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




Looking for your Mercedes Benz ML Nudge Bar?
The fog’s throwers are not shown (not include fog lights are) included.
Then Mercedes-Benz ML Nudge Bar of highly polished V2A stainless steel with 60mm diameter is just right.
- Stainless steel Nudge Bar
- EC report (successor to the ABE) save this does not insignificant cost compared with TUV parts subject to registration, can thus be grown legally.
This EU Pedestrian Protection Guard comes with an EC type-approval certificate (EC Type Approval Certificate) that is the successor of the ABE.
This eliminates the entry fee TUV.
This way you save considerable cost compared with TUV parts subject to registration, can thus be grown legally, even after the 5/25/2007 this bracket.
The benefits are obvious:
- ABE / CE, therefore, no further advice is needed, saving you the way to the TUV.
- Hand polished stainless steel
- With welding seams

In space: the new Mercedes ML lush donated 690-2010 liters of storage space.
In spite of over two tons of curb weight, the speed is an impressive 224 km / h – a credit to the integrity and good Cd value of 0.34 (ML 250 CDI: 0.32). As a diesel engine in the ML suggests it only under acceleration, otherwise he mutters to himself peacefully and is drowned out the latest from the motorway speed limit road noise from the other. It Stood next to the power increase, especially consumption and the environment at the center of development.
The appearance and comfort: Then, as they say, the tastes do not. I like it. Looks like inside. The doors are closed perfectly, no extraneous sounds and effort. About the salon wanted to say that a lot of different things, which together create a sense of well-thought-out ergonomics and worries about the driver and passengers. Front seats with good lateral support. In the car sit with great pleasure, Leather interior quality, easy to clean and durable. Prior to that, has always preferred the dark interiors – this is the first sand. Because the wood in the car was not going to haul, building materials, too, that no problems.
Delivery of the new ML starts in the fall of 2011. Mercedes is particularly proud of the fact that they met the diesel versions of Euro 6, first driving impression with the top diesel.
The M-Class is getting on in years. In the first half of 2011 attacked in Germany
Auto – adaptive 7-speed gearbox: Seamlessly switches, tuning in the manner of driving. In traffic jam is a way of switching on the brake press is almost no need for another highway, 3.5 liters or 272 mares for the mass of about 2.5 tons more than enough. To overtake the bullet turns keeps well, steering responsive. 140 km / h dials quietly as the noise (insulation at a height) and feels (as is iron).

Suspension is simple, not air. It was one of the important conditions for the purchase of cars. Been reading how people are suffering from the cylinders – and rejected this option.

Rain and light sensor, climate control, sunroof, interior lights and the street – easy and commonplace, not worth describing.
That’s what likes, and each time drew the attention – Electric trunk. Quite appreciate! Dragging bags, both hands are always busy with the remote control button, opened the trunk – put-great! First impression in the wild on the highways and dirt roads of Montana: Is it damn well, the new look that makes it faster and have somehow slimmer. However, with optical touch-ups alone are not satisfied, of course. In particular, the stresses are fuel-efficient engines, the Stuttgart back into the fast lane. We took with us the popular six-cylinder diesel engines (diesel rate in both over 90 percent) ML 350 Blue Tec 4Matic – a big hit, or rather a nice try? In the performance of the three-liter six-cylinder one can sit up ever. With 258 hp and 620 Nm torque, the big Benz casts unexpectedly dynamic in the race. Lack of power can be seen in any case not, we married in the United States in self-defense but not over 150 km / h. In the sprint to 100 kph, according to Mercedes is certainly the screening before the decimal point.

Just have to say that the engine is eating oil, I had it turned around liter (Castrol 0w-40 synthetic) at 2-2.5 thousand kilometers. This is considered normal, especially considering that the replacement of oil expected to once every 15 000 km. Without periodic “rejuvenation” would have to do it more often. So, the computer draw and write you a fitting that when the opportunity occurs, check the oil level. And so on any of the liquid. Especially sad when the computer sees that the punctured tire, and you do not. What pulls the wheel; I saw only 30 km away.