Mitsubishi Challenger Nudge Bar 2001 – 2006

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




  • Fits Challenger 2001 – 2006 Models
  • 2.5″ Stainless Steel Material
  • Quality Polished Finish
  • Easy Fitting Yourself
  • Includes  Full Mounting Kit
  • No Driving Light Bracket

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




Mitsubishi Challenger Nudge Bar, Stainless Steel, High Profile perfect Design which includes driving light mount points on Centre Cross Bar.
The Stainless Steel Lower Grille Guard provides an excellent additional protection of radiator and coolers.
Comes with Complete Fitting Kit
Mitsubishi Challenger  with EU approval for your Mitsubishi Challenger from stainless steel

The Nudge Bar is tested according to the updated EU directives and is always delivered with EC-TUV certificate and complete operating license; New Mitsubishi Challenger Nudge Bar, suitable for vehicles built from 2009th

Mitsubishi Challenger has a full Frame jeep, with excellent good looks. Despite the fact that it had invested a lot of money – it never ceases to please us. Every day, on the contrary, more and more like it. There is nary a disappointment in the selection of this car. Who is going to buy such a device – purchase, nothing you will not regret.
Mitsubishi is one of the world’s largest automakers, with a wide model range – from mini-car to heavy trucks and machinery. Mitsubishi cars have won many victories in the World Rally Championship.

Currently, Mitsubishi quite successfully has been chosen from the financial crisis, which started because of scandals in the concealment of defects in production of some models of trucks.
Challenger is a distinctive feature of his design of the body, in which there is a sense of versatile for use in urban environments. Available only in Challenger 5-door version, due to the fact that its height is slightly lower compared to the Pajero, it gives the impression of an elegant, neat machine. In developing the Challenger was taken as a basis for the 5-door Pajero, but its components have been used in a simplified form. The result is a car that is compared to the Pajero more attractive in terms of price. In addition, the car has many other strengths – such as a comfortable lounge complete with comfortable seating in three rows, roomy luggage, etc., making it operational as a quality vehicle for recreation, no doubt, early release, which occurred in 1996, Challenger was equipped with three types of engines: a 3-liter V-shaped 6-cylinder turbo diesel in volume and 2.8 l. and 2.5 liters. However, in 1997, V-type 6-cylinder engine was replaced by a series of 3.5-liter GDI. Due to the fact that this engine is a 5-speed automatic transmission INVECS-II with sports mode, it is both powerful and economical in terms of consumption topliva.Za due to the fact that the exterior design is widely used coated metal parts, increasing the class of vehicle and the ability to seat cabin decomposed into a smooth, comfortable sofa is an additional advantage, which increases its attractiveness to consumers. In 1998 was re-released modifying City Cruising, which is used to drive 4WD