Mitsubishi Outlander Nudge Bar

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




  • Fits Outlander ZG and ZH 2006 – 2011 Series
  • 3″ Stainless Steel Material
  • Polished Finish
  • Easy DIY Fitting
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit
  • Style and Protection

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




It is already well known to everyone that, Mitsubishi is one of the largest, reputed engine manufacturer companies all over the world. Especially, these Mitsubishi cars can create an erratic mood for its passengers. Recently, Mitsubishi has introduced Mitsubishi Outlander & in one word it is beyond any description.

As, it is known that Mitsubishi is all about wheel control & it is also well known by everyone that anyone can switch over the main steering control between two wheels to four wheels, so the driver who drives this masterpiece has to be bit careful. The most important thing is that while driving in the busy street of any city, protection is very important. This NUDGE BAR offers a complete front protection to any MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER.

There are various beneficial facts of using NUDGE BAR as a front protection, such as-

Firstly, it is perfectly blended with high tensile & structural grade alloy, which provides an overall strong protection.

Secondly, albeit it can tolerate high stress & strain but it is very light weighted.

Thirdly, as it is made by the polished mirror alloy, so it is totally rust free & non-corrosive in all aspects.

Fourthly, as it is an ECB product, it provides a lifetime guarantee.

Fifthly & the most important point is that, it not only protects the front portion of the MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER but also it gives a decent & unique outlook to this car.

It secures also the main engine of the car. In road, there are many sorts of thing which can make disturbance or jerking. It is bit harmful for the main engine of the car. This NUDGE BAR can also cut down that risk.

MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER NUDGE BAR is made especially for this MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER only. Its polishing & shining outlook gives the extra smart & hot looks to the car. It is for the information that is made in Australia. It is thinner outer section & it is much better than the steel or any steel made alloy.

It is slightly tapered from outside & it protects also the grills, radiator of the car.

This MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER NUDGE BAR is not so much costly, rather it saves money of the users. It has low maintenance & if it is installed once then the user does not have think a single moment about this.

It has a truly eye catching view. If someone is really penchant about the car & if that person is fashionable, then he will obviously go for this NUDGE BAR to decorate & protect his car.