Subaru Forester Nudge Bar 2008 – 2011

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




  • Fits Forester 2008 – 2011 Models
  • 2.5″ Stainless Steel Tube
  • Highly Polished Finish
  • Easy DIY Fitting Yourself
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit and Instructions
  • No Driving Light Bracket

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




The choice of Subaru Forester Nudge Bar should be based on car model and you should carefully review the components of the bar.
Front bar for Subaru Forester, built from 2008
Stainless steel
Pipe diameter is 60mm
EC approval
Including mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions
The depicted beam headlights are not included.
To mount the spotlight, the spotlight shown holders are required. For the lower cross member in diameters from 48mm and the top tube with a diameter of 60mm.
Since the 25th May 2007 Stainless steel front guard may only be cultivated with EC approval under the EU Directive 2005/66/EC RREG. Acceptance by the TUV / DEKRA and an entry in the vehicle documents is no longer required. A montage of the front bar without EC approval or with a conventional component certificate is no longer permitted.

Subaru has always been proud to have a quick response, rapid acceleration and braking power and feel great engineering. The 2012 Forester is no exception to this rule, with a sporty great feel on the open road. In any case, the Forester may be a little sensitive, leading to an inequality in urban traffic. On long stretches of road, a powerful acceleration of the Forester has a feeling of being thrown into unknown territory. Drivers in particular, will enjoy most and power over the previous model, allowing them to be more pronounced around the more difficult routes without spending any extra effort. A little off-road is out of the question, although the functions of the Forester better on the highway without problems, due to its perfectly aligned unit. Drivers who have the car off-road adventures would do everything possible to avoid high currents.
More about Subaru Forester:
The new Subaru Forester is just updating, securing its position of honor among specialists in off-road SUV (Sport Utilities Vehicles). It has a special attraction, offering a true off-road tourism and while this feature does not sacrifice comfort or no benefits, with the presence of a turbo version, capable of exceeding 200 km / h.
All models feature Subaru AWD is not an option, but as part and parcel of their design. And with the Forester, Subaru destroys the myth that a whole field of truth has to be uncomfortable and less secure than a passenger car on asphalt. Thus the new Subaru Forester offers real benefits of off-road terrain and an enviable performance in this, than many cars drive simple. And not by the compromises reached by other builders, based SUVs make limited use “off road” in order to improve their performance on the road.