Toyota Hilux Nudge Bar 2005 – 2011

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599



  • Fits Hilux 2005 – 2011 Models
  • SR, SR Xtra Cab, SR5, SR5 Double Cab, SR5 Xtra Cab, Workmate, Workmate Double Cab
  • 3″ Stainless Steel Material
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • Easy DIY Fitting
  • Includes Full Mounting Kit, Instructions Included

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




The Toyota Hilux Nudge Bar comes at an affordable price range and surely comes with the highest standard of quality and fitting assurance for the safety, security and look enhancement of the car. The accessories those are to be attached to the car have to be of the best in class and this product has received an outstanding response from its users which is almost 4 out of 5 in numerous websites throughout the world.

The nudge bar is compatible with air bag attachment of the car thus a quick response to the impact is drawn much easily and effectively than ever before in comparison to other nudge bar available in the market. For all the owners of Toyota Hilux this product is a must buy product for the long term safety and protection of the car at its best.

The foremost thought that comes to the mind of a car owner is the safety and protection of the car and numerous products are for sure available in the market for this purpose and one of them is surely for the car especially when the car is Toyota Hilux. It helps to prevent the car from the impact of a direct collision in the frontal part of the car as well as it takes care of the sides (frontal part mainly).

These nudge bars are basically made up of stainless steel and not only the chrome finish of the product helps it not to add too much weight to the car it also takes care of the look of the car at its best. It’s a 76mm super smooth stainless steel which really looks in great compatibility with the car. Additional light attachments can be fitted to this nudge bar with ease.