Toyota Kluger Nudge Bar 2007 – 2010

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599



  • Fits Kluger 2007 – 2010 Models
  • 2.5″ Stainless Steel Tube
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • DIY Easy Fitting Yourself
  • Includes Instructions and Mounting Kit

Normally $1199 Sale Price $599




Toyota is one of the leading, well known, car manufacturing companies. Especially the Toyota Kluger Nudge Bar, it is so nicely designed that it might have seem to anyone the god himself sculptured its body with the chisel, hammer. As, it is already told that the protection from any sort of accident is very crucial, that is why to protect from bumper, any sort of unwilling jerking & any accident a front guard, i.e. NUDGE BAR is introduced. It helps, rather protect the car from above mentioned points & it mainly protects the main engine, the front grill & the radiator.

Even, the situation is such that, if a car is in the parking slot then also it is terribly injured by any other vehicle but if this nudge bar is installed in front portion of the car then it can protect from a huge damage.

There are some beneficial facts to use KLUGER NUDGE BAR on the front portion of the TOYOTA, like-

Firstly, it protects the car from any danger or accident; moreover it provides the rigidity to the car.

Secondly, it is blended with the stainless steel & premium quality Aluminum alloy. For this reason it can tolerate much higher stress & strain. Moreover, this special protection protects from scratches or any this sort of small accidents.

Thirdly, it is less weighted than any steel bar.

Fourthly, it is power coated & mirror polished. For particular this reason, it is non-corrosive & totally rust free.

Fifthly, it provides a lifetime guarantee, this helps the user economically.

The interesting fact is that, this KLUGER NUDGE BAR is made according to the design of the of the TOYOTA car. It makes the car more unique & decent in all aspect.

This KLUGER NUDGE BAR adds a hunky, smart looks to the car. It has a low maintenance charge. So, if it is installed once then the user does not have to think about it much. The economic security is the key thing which speaks for it. Besides having such strong outfit it is thinner outside & slightly tapered at the outside.

If anyone is really penchant about the cars & if that person really passionate about the driving then for driving comfort & for his car safety this NUDGE BAR  is probably the best option that anyone can get.

No doubt TOYOTA KLUGER is one of the finest looking cars that are available in the market & this NUDGE BAR is the protective device for this car. It will restrict to jeopardize the car both from the inside & outside.